Are You an Internet Addicted? This Is What You Can Do With Your Screen Addiction



Do you also feel attacked when you hear about the internet or technology addiction? I do too.The internet has become as much an addictive material as any other addictive drug and it is far too easy to go from serial user to addict. To combat this addiction, several internet rehab centers have set up shop and over time, have been effective in providing help for any rehab addict.


The internet has slowly but surely penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. From work functions to personal relationships, there’s too little that doesn’t require internet access. 

While there are people who get addicted to checking their emails constantly, the more prolific cause of technology addiction is from the social aspect of the internet. 

With more than 3 major social media platforms and several multi-gaming sites, communication and socialization has moved from physical interactions to emojis and witty online personalities. I guess it’s easier to express yourself with emojis and trite online slangs than physical emojis. 


What’s more? There is no denying that it has made communication easier and linked people across continents. However, it has also made addiction possible too and we know too well how easy it is to get addicted. 


How to know you’re addicted to the internet 

We use our devices so much that if asked, you’re most likely to say that you’re addicted. Addiction, however, is far different from the healthy or if we’re being honest, mildly unhealthy way we use the internet. Why? The Internet is an important part of our lives from education to personal relationships; it is tricky to know when we become addicted and how to control it. 

There are fine lines that separate the use of the constant use of the internet from an addiction to the internet. These differences are not easy to spot out but there are red flags to look out for. 

You don’t need to meet a rehab specialist or visit an internet rehab center to know if you are addicted. Your answers to the next few questions should be able to clue you in. 

  • Do you feel anxious whenever you aren’t on the internet?
  • Have you put off important activities such as attending classes and meeting up with important deadlines rather than get off the internet?
  • Do you regularly binge on internet games like World of Warcraft for long periods stretching up to several weeks?
  • Are your family and friends complaining about your excessive internet usage?
  •  Are you in denial about your excessive internet use like the star of that Rebel addict show?

If you answer YES to most of these questions, then you don’t need a rehab psychologist to let you know that you’re addicted to technology. 


Forms of Internet Addiction

You’re probably wondering if you’re addicted to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook depending on your poison of choice. At least you’re better at facing your problems than Nicole from the rebel addict show. Guess what? You could be right about being addicted. After all, I think that most people are obsessed with one if not all social media platforms. 

Here are some forms of internet addiction. 



Highly addictive games like World of Warcraft have robbed several people from their bright futures and everything good in their lives. Gaming so hard and to the exclusion of other aspects of life is an addiction. 


Social Media Platforms 

It’s really easy to see how addictive this can be. This is especially true for platforms like Instagram and Facebook where your happiness can hinge on something as inconsequential as likes. 


Online Movie Streaming 

Who doesn’t like Netflix and chill? Only some other people like it a little too much and often do it all day. 


Getting Help for your Technology Addiction

What is the next step to take after you realize you are addicted to the Internet? I guess the answer seems simple– get help. In reality, though, getting help for internet addiction isn’t easy. 

This is because even among the best rehab facilities, technology addiction isn’t recognized as an addiction, so they don’t offer rehab services to tech addicts. Technology addiction recently became a topic in rehab circles when a rehab psychologist noticed the similarities between tech addicts and other addicts and began to seek ways to help them. 

Another important factor that also contributes to this is the lack of robust materials and understanding. Also, there aren’t many rehab specialists that are well equipped to take care of internet addiction. 

This notwithstanding some of the best rehab facilities have included provisions for tech addicts. In fact, there is a rehabilitation center dedicated only to tech addicts. The Rehab psychologist and rehab specialist employed in this internet rehab center are trained specifically to help tech addicts. 


Treatment Options

When it comes to rehab, there are different types of treatment options open to rehab addicts. The best rehabs even have totally personalized treatment options for their patients. Cool right? I think that they work better than general treatments. 

But even in the best rehabs, there are two common treatment options to choose from.

  • In-patient 
  • Out-patient 

Most internet rehab centers incorporate the two treatment options one after the other. A good internet rehab center would offer intensive in-patient care before letting the Rehab addicts go for out-patient care. 


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