Interesting facts about royal families in the 21st century



English royal family attracts attention with every appearance they make. The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still fills headlines, even more now when the English royal family tree became richer for a new member – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

List of royal families that matter to us

British royals still hold the position of the most popular and trusted institution. Queen Elizabeth II is mainly responsible for that with the stability, wisdom, and elegance during more than 60 years of reign. Britain is a constitutional monarchy and her majesty Queen Elisabeth II is the head of state. The royal family has always been under the spotlight and attracted the attention of the press and many people around the world. Royal house Mountbatten was and still is the center of interest of anyone who wishes to know more about the 20th-century monarchs.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales and their marriage was a certainly turbulent one, which consequently resulted in divorce fifteen years later. Her death and the circumstances that it occurred attract attention even now. Her sons are now very popular and people are delighted to hear every single news about their families. 

It is interesting that William and Kate are somewhat more traditional than Harry and Meghan. They enriched the monarchy tree by having 3 kids that they often show off in public. Kate is very modest and likes to wear an affordable wardrobe whenever possible. Some even recorded her on various occasions wearing the same shoes or coat, which brought her even more appreciation from many women around the world. She wants to show that she is one of us and she is doing it perfectly! 

Meghan Markle, on the other hand, raises more negative attention. She is not willing to follow the protocol to the letter, instead, she wants to modernize the rules. Just the fact that she was once married, that she is an American and on top of that – an actor, is a serious breach of rules. However, her love with Harry is so obvious and adorable that we simply forgive her anything, even outrageously expensive pieces of couture. Girls need to have fun, right?  

Spanish monarchy

For most women, the first thought at the mention of the Spanish monarchy is the adorable Queen Letizia of Spain. Her impeccable style fills the pages of the most prestigious fashion magazines and makes us want to see more of this beautiful woman. She is the wife of King Felipe of Spain and they have two daughters – Leonor and Sofia. Queen Letizia was a CNN reporter and covered many important events around the world before she got married. Not only she is beautiful, but her intelligence keeps us mesmerized. King Felipe of Spain is already modernizing the monarchy by welcoming the LGBT community, which speaks in favor of his open-mindedness and wisdom. 

Romanov family

Anyone interested in history is familiar with the execution of the Romanov family. Czar Nicholas II, his wife Czarina Alexandra and their five children were executed in the night between 16th and 17th of July 1918. The four servants that were still beside them were killed too in the same night. The assassination was performed by Bolsheviks. This horrifying story still attracts attention today. It was brutal and it brought one dynasty to the end. There are many versions if there are any heirs today. There is one interesting information that in fact, husband of Queen Elizabeth II is the last czarina Alexandra’s grandnephew, making Princes Harry and William relatives of Romanov family.

Royal families are subject of our attention very often and we want to know all about them. Who can blame us, it is the depiction of the fairy tales we so religiously read and all those cartoons that fed us the idea that any girl can become a princess no matter how modest her background is. Even though most of us won’t get the chance to became a princess and member of the royal family, it’s nice to dream and enjoy the appearances of princesses and queens, to watch their beautiful clothes, jewelry and perfect manners. It is completely opposite to the fast-paced world and people who don’t always care about the way that they behave. It is a cocoon we want to be in and get a glimpse of how royalty lives their lives. Every new event they show up to is an opportunity to find a little bit more about them.


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