Celebrities Who Had Battled Addiction And Succeeded



At every point in our life, we all have faced challenges that seem overwhelming and quite difficult to overcome. Challenges in life and traumas from childhood are very difficult to cope with. That is why people often run into drugs in the efforts of trying to seek solace which they often don’t end up getting. And after some time, they become addicted and end up in drug rehab centers trying to get back to their lives. 

The celebrities we see out there living flashy lifestyles are no exception. In fact, they are involved in the abuse of drugs more than you can ever imagine. Over the years, some celebrities have come out in the open to share their drug rehabilitation stories and how they got involved in the first place.  

To buttress that, we will be sharing the stories of 5 celebrities that have gone through such but were able to rehab programs that showed them hopes of a new beginning. 

1. BEN AFFLECK- The popular academy award winner 

No one would have thought Ben Affleck the vibrant actor we all love to see in our home movies was involved in such an act. When he shared that he was just getting out of a drug rehab program, the news hit the world like an atomic bomb. This all happened within the period when he was finalizing his divorce with his then-wife Jennifer Garner. 

According to Ben Affleck, this will be his second time of taking an alcohol rehab after the first treatment which he had back in 2001. Although, this was only just a few months ago. But Ben Affleck seems to have gotten it right this time.

2. DREW BARRYMORE- The Hollywood superstar 

Drew Barrymore who we all know with a good personality has also had her own fair share of the cake in the past. After playing predominant roles in movies like ET at age 9 and LA party at age 11, she became a star with a bright future ahead of her. But that took a turn while she was in middle school when she got herself involved in drugs. And at age 13, Drew was forced into a rehabilitation center because she could no longer control her intake of hard drugs. This took quite some time but she was able to bounce back and get back to her life. Presently, she is a mother of two with a happy family to show for that. 

3. JAMIE LEE CURTIS- The superstar born with fame 

Unlike other movie stars who rose from grass to grace, Jamie Lee Curtis was fortunate to have come from parents who already familiar with Hollywood, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. In order for her to feel normal and be able to control herself, Jamie became entangled to taking pain medication that led to serious drug addiction. This was severe to the point that she had to steal painkillers from her relatives just to satisfy her urge. 
But lucky for Jamie Lee Curtis, she was able to get a drug rehab program that brought her back to her normal state. Presently, she is now a mother and has seen fulfillment in publishing children’s books and acting. 

4. JOHNNY DEPP- The man who loves the sea

This Pirates of the Caribbean and Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland superstar is definitely a personality you should be familiar with. Johnny Depp came into the spotlight as a result of these two breathtaking movies in which he played tremendous roles. But before his rise to fame, he also had some hard times battling with drug addiction. 
In the late 90’s Depp was more famous with his frivolous partying lifestyle. His then-girlfriend  Kate Moss shared a part in this story and they both will be pictured together in party scenes in both Los Angeles and New York City high on cocaine. But after that time which was in the 20’s, he was able to get himself in a drug rehab center and came back to shape. 

5. ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.- The Iron Man 

Presently been the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, saying that Robert Downey, JR. was once involved in taking cocaine, excess alcohol, and heroin might be unbelievable. But the truth is, it hasn’t always been too rosy for this superstar either. There was even a time he got arrested and fined for overspending under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Fortunately for this superhero, he was able to turn the tables around and change his fate. Robert Downey, JR. is now completely free from drugs and excessive intake of alcohol.


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