What can you learn from millionaires on how they handle their millions?



Everyone would like to be a millionaire, but very few people manage to become one. Even though there is a popular belief that fortune just happens or that these people had their money all along, that is not the case.

These are people who managed to find personal loans with low credit score, choose credit cards to improve credit and invest that money in something they believe in. 

All these people started small and with very little financial potential, but with a great idea in mind. They believed in themselves and it was worth it. Here are a few millionaires that we can learn from. 

Oprah Winfrey

There is probably no obstacle that this brave woman hasn’t faced. She was poor, abused, provoked on a racial basis, challenged because she was a woman in a man’s world and she was judged because of her looks. She rose from all of it and turned her flaws into opportunities to connect with other people who had similar struggles. She made millions by talking about the things most people could relate to. She is down to earth, very open and knows how to run a business. She was not always welcomed with open hands, but that didn’t stop her to implement her ideas and earn from them. 

Jack Ma

Fortune was not very much in favor of this incredible man. He struggled to learn English for 9 years and needed 4 more to enter college, but he eventually got a BA in English. He was really persistent and didn’t allow his circumstances to beat him, Instead, he managed to find a way to make a breakthrough and become the richest man in China. Once he found out about the Internet, he realized that China doesn’t have many websites and saw the opportunity to promote China’s products. Now the whole world can easily access them. He is the founder of Alibaba and his net worth is 38.2 billion USD at the moment. 

Make an accurate assessment of your financial state

Firstly, you need to know how much money you have available. After you are aware of the figure, you must think about the way you spend it, what are the necessary expenses and what can be saved instead of given on unimportant things. If you wish to take credit and make some investments in your business, you can start by searching for a free credit report online. There are 3 authorized companies that can give you one credit report and score a year, which is enough for planning your finances. If you are not sure how the process goes, make sure you ask for credit score help. There are certain factors that determine if you are eligible for taking credit and it may be harder to get personal loans with a low credit score, but it is worth a search. 

Improve your chances of getting a credit

If you ask anyone “how to fix my credit fast” you will probably get the same answer – pay your bills on time! Banks get all the information about your payments when they want to assess if you are the right candidate to get a credit. To help build credit, you must pay off any debt you have and make sure you don’t have any unnecessary credit in line. Get credit cards to improve credit, so your credit score gets better and you increase your chances of getting a loan when needed. If you are not experienced with these things, you can look for a professional who knows these processes to the letter and simply ask him “fix my credit” and wait for further instructions. 

One thing rich people have in common is drive and persistence. Their work ethics are impeccable and they always strive to become better. This is something that all of us can apply to our lives. They limit their exposure to negative people and instead focus on the inspiring people full of positive energy. Once you decide that you want to earn more and become richer, change the simple habits in your life and you will start noticing the positive changes. Millionaires say that they devote a certain percentage of their income to their improvement – whether it is a course, a book, a seminar, they always strive to learn something new. Maybe you can start with something that you’ve always wanted to learn, but never dared to. Take a close look at the way you spend your time and you will realize how to invest it to make more money. 


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