Scary To Leave Your Parents Home? These Tips Are For You



When you are young and single, getting your own home and living separately from your family gives you a great sense of independence and maturity. Unless you earn a decent salary, you may, though, end up crunching under all the expenses very soon. Your electricity bills, gas bills, and water bills start piling up on you every month. You soon start feeling overwhelmed at the amount of money that goes out of your pocket so that you can afford the necessities. 

If you’re new to the living alone thing, I’ve outlined a few tips for you that you can use to keep all your bills as low as they can be! And keep enjoying your life as a big boy or a girl.

Monitor your Electricity Bills

Your electricity bill will most probably be the largest of any of your bills and also the only bill that gets impacted by the size of your house. Your electricity consumption is dependent on a lot of factors, the size of the place, the number of people living with you and the weather.

The bigger your home is, the more electricity it will take to cool down or warm-up. Your heating appliance is electric, and the more space it has to cool, the more energy it will take. If you want to avoid paying hefty electricity bills, it is best to look at small apartments. 

Check the monthly bill that you get from your electricity provider to see your monthly average consumption and work towards ways to bring it down. If your area has more than one energy suppliers, you can also switch energy supplier that has a lower cost.

If you live in a warm and sunny region, but you pay high electricity bills, you can control these expenses by moving towards solar energy alternatives in your home. This option is only feasible if you own the space as solar panels cost a lot, and solar panel installation and maintenance is tricky. I still suggest checking this option with your landlord or consider purchasing your own portable solar panel. However, the major plus of solar panels is that they can reduce your electricity bill to zero! Solar panels are easily installable, but for apartments, they do get tricky as solar panels need an area where there is sunlight throughout the day. 

If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to get cheap electricity, you can look up solar companies and research a little on the options provided. For people living in rented accommodations, you can look towards investing in solar-powered appliances like solar lamps to bring your electricity bills down.

Many times our electricity bills build-up simply because of excessive use. Please turn off all lights and lamps when you’re not using them. Remember to wash and iron your clothes at times when the electricity cost is cheaper. Heat or cool the rooms that only you will use, turn off all the vents you’re not using to bring down the bill.

Move towards Gas stoves

Gas appliances tend to be a lot cheaper than their electric counterparts. If you use a gas stove, you’re already saving money on it because gas prices are lower than electricity prices. Gas stoves are an excellent way through which you can considerably reduce your gas bill. 

To cut down on your electricity bill, you could contact a gas company to get a gas supply installation in your home.

Carefully decide your Internet Package

Before deciding on the internet service plan you would want to go with, it is better to assess your overall internet needs. If you use the internet for scrolling social media, you can easily do with a smaller plan with fewer data and save up on your monthly internet bill. 

If you use the internet for things like data streaming, online gaming, or Netflix, you’re going to need a better, more expensive internet plan. However, if you do use the internet for video streaming, you can easily completely cut off on your cable bill and save from there. 

As you can see, it is not that scary…It is just about the right plan and always being creative on how you can save money without hurting the quality of life. I am sure your time and effort invested in how to make your living economic are worth having a chance to live in your own home. Good luck with it.


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