These Famous People Invested In Stocks And Made A Fortune



Being wealthy is not a matter of luck, it all depends on the choices being made to invest rather than spend. It seems simple when we hear them, but often difficult in reality to follow the tips passed down over the years by experienced investors. These guys were able to create wealth for themselves through the stocks trading and commodity investing and we can trust their word.

In the past, the sales of stocks have been more particular to people with fat pockets. However, in recent times, we meet more random people who are beginning to take the bold steps of investing in stocks and making a fortune from it. The public figures and celebs are not an exception too.

Right here, we will be sharing some famous people who have been able to take advantage of this and use it to make a fortune. What we have here will amaze you. All you need to do is follow up.

1. Justin Bieber

Despite Justin Beiber’s prolific music career over the past few years, he has taken a big leap into the stock market to make some fortune for himself. The first investment he made in high dividend stocks gave massive returns within just a short time. He bought shares in a music streaming service that we all know -Spotify. It immediately went public in April 2018. After just the first day of closing, the shares of the company had a remarkable increase of 13%. This set the pace for Justin Bieber’s stock business.

Justin also took things a little bit further and bought stocks worth $1 million from Shots Studio-business on the rise that deals with the production of YouTube videos and other highly profitable ventures in the entertainment industry.

2. Oprah Winfrey 

This multi-millionaire entertainer is indeed a woman with so much guts. Oprah Winfrey bought her first penny stock on the rise in Weight Watchers, and overtime, she watched it growing and yielding a massive profit in returns over the years. Her investments started in 2015, where she had an opportunity to buy $43 million worth of stock in this company. With this, Oprah was able to hold onto 10% shares of the company as it grows into an enterprise. Presently Oprah Winfrey is not just millions but billions all just because she made the right decision at the right time.

3. Ashton Kutcher


The inclusion of this movie superstar to this list should surprise you. That’s because no one will expect him to be involved in stock investment and how good he is. Ashton made an early investment in Uber and other small start-ups back then, such as Spotify, Airbnb, Soundcloud, and Shazam. With these few investments that later would be appreciated much, he succeeded to make millions of dollars within just a few years.

Ashton Kutcher’s first investment in stock was in the year 2011 when he bought shares worth $500,000 in Uber before it was known by many people in the business world. According to Forbes, the estimated value of this stock was $50 million back in the year 2016.

4. Jessica Alba


Apart from the fact that this Fantastic Four superstar has a company with a net worth of about $1.7 billion that she established back in the year 2011. This company deals with sales of consumer products. With this alone, she was able to create her first massive wealth and expand her business. 

Also, she was able to take advantage of the benefits that stock trading has to offer, and she decided to buy stocks from different businesses. Over the years, this decision turned out as a great deal, and she was able to make a vast amount of profit from the sales of these stocks. This came as a blessing, and she was indeed able to put it into good use. 

5. Madonna

This is another big name in the world who took advantage of the stock trading to make a fortune. This queen of pop is indeed a success story good enough to inspire the coming generations. With just the right kind of investment strategy, she was able to change her life and design an entirely new future. 

Madonna bought stocks worth $1.5 million in Vita coconut water back in the years. Her big payday came around in 2017 when Pepsi was willing to buy the company for $1 billion. This gave her stocks a massive value and made her a fortune. 


Having shared all this, you should have a better idea about how wealth is being created. These famous people made the right decisions by investing their money in the future. You can do the same as well, no matter how much you are willing to invest.


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