Are you dreaming of earning 6 figure salaries? These degrees will help you!



People may say that money is not the key to happiness, but we all know that we can’t get ourselves a Ferrari without being knee-deep in dollar bills! Before you decide to waddle through bachelor’s degree schools or apply for grants for master’s degrees, you may want to investigate these.

Whether you’re doing a virtual schooling program, getting a bachelor’s degree accredited, applying for colleges, or taking online classes, these degrees will sky-scape the incomes for all of you!

Petroleum engineering

Oil is where the money is. This notion holds true for more than just the money-laden middle east. Jobs within the petroleum sector fetch you high pay scales as well. With a Median salary of over 180,000 dollars, an average petroleum engineer can easily cross the six-figure mark

If you’re already interested in the heavy-machinery industry or were the chemistry teacher’s class-pet when studying at your bachelor’s degree school, you’ll easily be able to cross that median mark and be well on your way to be a millionaire in just 5 years! Grants for master’s degree are easily available, especially within the Asian countries including the Middle East and Azerbaijan.  


Medical degree with a surgery-based specialization

If biology is your favorite past time, and your hands are adept at making the perfect incisions, you’re all set to be a surgeon and make your 6 figures with ease. Surgery comes in all shapes and sizes, and the salary brackets greatly vary. Orthopedic surgeons can expect to earn over 350,000 dollars a year though, which sounds more than enough to go by. 

Sadly, taking online classes is no option for surgeons. Operating requires practice! A virtual schooling program can simply not provide that! So, go get your bachelor’s degree accredited, and start applying to colleges to get yourself that white-collar… Erm, white-coat, job! 

Computer science

Feel that you can string codes together at lightning speed and flash your skills to potential employers? Want a from-home job that could fill up your bank, without you having to leave your bed? Want a degree that can be achieved through a virtual schooling program or by taking online classes? Computer science is your savior! While the learning itself is definitely not easy, and the learning curve is pretty slanted, it pays off well for the effort. Once you can string together the Java and Python, and add a dash of Ruby, Perl, and whatever other languages you might be required to learn, you’ll be rich in no time!



Computer science degrees are particularly in demand in the increasingly web-based world, and there has been no better time to grab that median of $140,000 in salary! 

Applied Economics and management

Apparently, Economics is more about just making assumptions. It is also an in-demand degree with a very limited supply. People that have studied economics and management can provide quick and easy solutions to the company, and the insight pays well. Earning around $140,000 for their services, you can certainly find yourself upping that utility by getting through the impossible Economics bachelor’s degree school!



Actuarial mathematics

The stocks are booming, and so is the demand for those who can read into their futures. Actuarial mathematics involves both removing business risk and solving real-world business problems. The models used by people holding this degree typically revolve around removing uncertainties within data. Rest assured though, the salary that you would earn with this degree is definitely not uncertain! With a healthy median of over $135,000, you’ll be drabbling in riches in no time! Just be sure to assess the risk of the overspending, and don’t spend it all in one go!


If you want your incomes to be sky-high, there’s nothing we can recommend more than aeronautics. Getting Grants for master’s degree are also particularly easy within this industry, making it one of our favorites. Whether you end up gliding a plane or making a rover that manages to land the moon, you’ll be crashing into a hefty medium of 131,000 dollars. 

Business Analysis

Planning to cross the six-figure mark? You’re already quite a business analyst! Upscale your skills by getting yourself a degree, and you might just be able to fulfill your dreams. Getting an average of over 130,000 dollars, business analysts are for sure not your every-day earners. 




Now that we’ve looked through some of the highest-earning degrees, we’re sure that all of you will be landing six figures very soon. Opting for these degrees over lower-paying ones like nursing can be your hike to a fortune! Good luck finding that happiness and may the dollar bills never stop falling in your path!


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