Everything you need to know before leaving your office and moving to a shared workspace



Working at home has its advantages, especially in the beginning when your business is very young, and your income is not so great.

However, once the business starts booming and you gain more clients, the demands rise and you might want to contemplate a shared private office or look up shared workspace companies that could provide you with everything you need at a price of a monthly subscription.

However, before you decide to move, weigh the advantages and disadvantages first so you can be sure that you are making the right decision. Here are some things to consider.

Beware of the noise you are making

Some people are noisy by nature and it’s simply the way things stand. However, if you are planning on joining a work station that will be shared with other people, you must be aware of the tone of your voice. Joining a call now and then is fine, but make sure you are not disrupting other people’s work. If you can, join the call on your phone and go somewhere private where you will be able to talk freely. The same applies to listening to music. Wearing headphones is a matter of manners when you are surrounded by people. You may want to play Queen to the max, but be aware that the people next to you won’t appreciate it that much. Wearing headphones will spare you a lot of trouble and besides – it will give you a feeling of privacy. There is no reason to waste your precious time apologizing for wanting to relieve some stress by enjoying your favorite songs.

Maintain the office order as much as possible

If you think that shared artist workspace is a more liberal concerning the order, you didn’t quite get the whole idea of the concept. The point is to have the office that will have Wi-Fi, all the necessary equipment, the infrastructure and everything else crucial for running a successful business, but you will need to keep it neat, so all the people using it can have equal access to all the things available. This particularly applies to the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure you put the dishes clean where you found them in the first place, so when someone else wants to have some coffee, there is a clean mug available. The bathroom should always be clean.

The advantages of a shared private office

The most important thing is that you won’t have huge expenses for furniture, for renting a big office that you might not get a chance to use. It is not a matter of pessimism, but common sense. All the new startups begin with the idea of great success, but that depends on many factors. Shared workspace companies offer renting conference rooms that you can use occasionally which is great when opposed to paying for it all the time and losing lots of money on something that you won’t need as much.

How to find the perfect work station?

You can start by asking your friends and family about the shared workspace companies in your town or simply use the advantages of Google search. Simply type in ” collaborative workspace near me” and you will get lots of results that you can choose from. Most of the companies like this go online and they have all the information you may need to narrow your search before you decide to visit. This also applies to the membership prices that you can compare to make your decision-making process easier.

Great minds in one place

One amazing thing about shared artist workspace is that you are surrounded by all kinds of artists that you can hire or ask for advice pretty much every day. Isn’t that great? Besides, you might even make new friends. A major downside of working from home or in a company office is the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world. Shared workspace is the complete opposite – you will feel like a part of something greater. Being surrounded by people brings comfort. When you get stuck and without inspiration, simply having a conversation with someone can inspire you.

Once you decide to join a work station, you will never look back. The solidarity and the availability of so many quality people will help you feel better when you can’t find a solution to your work problem. It can only make your life better and your work more lucrative.


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